A Little Background

Much of this blog will be about my spiritual journey. I want to (re)discover my beliefs in God, Faith and Spirituality.

I’ve recently joined a moms group, MOPS, and they are very Christian and Faith based which made me start thinking of where I stand and belong with God and Jesus. I grew up Catholic and going to Catholic schools, but in college I took a few religion classes which made me think about what I really believed. Since then life sort of happened and all of that got sent to the back burner. Now that I am a mother and wanting to pass along beliefs, traditions and religion to my children I’m trying to figure out what I believe so I can be true to what I’m passing along, and of course, to strengthen myself as a person as well.

I do believe in God and Jesus. I just don’t know where I stand with Jesus. I believe he existed and that he was an extraordinary man. I’m just not quite comfortable calling him my Savior. Maybe someday I will. I do plan on telling/teaching Lila all the bible stories though. I grew up with those and the traditions around them and found them to be important to who I was and am.


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