My 2011 Challenge

I have had many discussions with friends about the environment, industrial agriculture, eating from local farms and sustainability. The subjects have always interested me. Because of some of these discussions we tweaked our lifestyle a bit. Such as eating organic when possible, using our own grocery bags instead of the stores and recycling.  When we were living in Chicago we did great at this. Since we’ve moved we have fallen off track a bit but want to get back on.

My challenge for 2011 is to get back on the whole living track by:

1. Eating more organic. We actually eat a lot of organic food now but would like to do more. If only we ate like my daughter. She has an all organic diet.

2. Getting our meat and produce from local farms. This will be the biggest change and challenge for us. I have found a couple local farms in our area which I’m excited to go check out. They all have produce, meat and dairy. It’s just not as easy and convenient as the grocery store, which is why it’s on my challenge list.

3. Making our house more Green. I really have to research this one. I’m not really sure where to start.

4. Growing a lot of our own veggies in our garden. Last year was our first garden experience. It was definitely a trial and error year for us first timers. We did get some great zucchini and squash. I’m already planning this years.

5. Continuing to recycle. This is the easiest one. We have a recycling truck that picks it up from our house every week.

6. Using my own grocery bags. I think this is just a matter of getting in the habit of doing it and remembering to put them back in the car after you empty them.

7. Donating to a charity. Changing my lifestyle doesn’t need to be all about me. I would like to make a difference in someones or animals life as well.

8. Volunteering my time on a farm. This is a win-win situation all around. By volunteering on some of the farms I found you get paid in produce. It will get me outside and working with the earth. And it will show Lila where her food comes from.

9. Working out. We joined a gym this year, which provides daycare, so I have no excuse not to workout. Besides, I’ll want to lose my baby weight quickly.

10. and of course, working on my spirituality. I think this is a huge one. It will help me to be a better friend, wife and mother. It will help me provide a foundation for my kids and to appreciate life a little more.

I would like to be in a routine of doing all of this by July 1st, when baby is due. Is it possible?

Are there any other ideas? How do you live a Whole lifestyle?


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