Spirituality is…

My first step on my spiritual journey is reading the book, 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting by Mimi Doe. I am only half way through the book, but can tell it has done so much for me already. It has made me question my belief, not only as a spiritual being, but also as a parent. The purpose of the book is to help guide you in raising spiritual children, yet it has made me look inside myself to see how I am spiritual in my every day life. I can only raise a spiritual child if I, too, am believing and leading in the path. I have to learn, believe and practice what I preach.

At the end of each chapter (or principle) this book gives you activities to do to help you along the way and to practice the principle. It also gives daily affirmations. I believe that what we think creates our reality so I find that the daily affirmations could be helpful.  As I read this book I will blog about what I am learning and experiencing, how I am changing, how I am teaching Lila, and the daily activities and affirmations I may do alone or together with Lila.

Below are a few paragraphs from the introduction in the book. I found them to be motivating, moving and encouraging.

“Spirituality is the base from which we grow self-esteem, values, morals, and a sense of belonging. It is what gives life direction and meaning. Spirituality is a belief in the existence of a non-physical power greater than oneself. It is the consciousness that relates us directly to God, or whatever we name as the source of our being. Spirituality involves an awareness of a sacred connection to all creation, and a choice to embrace that connection with love.”

“We, as parents, can foster this precious state of being with our words, actions, and attention. Where there is wonder, there is spirituality. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary when we live life as a prayer, a soulful journey, when we endow our daily routine with magic, when we stop the chaos of daily life and celebrate the small moments. We affirm and acknowledge children’s true state of being when we join them in their celebration of life. As we bring spirituality into our roles as parents, we consciously acknowledge the divinity present in ourselves and our children.”

To be a spiritual parent means to prioritize your life. God sits high on your list, and therefore your own soul and the souls of your children are paramount. The spiritual parent allows his child to be who he is and revels in this uniqueness. The spiritual parent provides fertile ground for her child to grow roots that will center and anchor her life.”
– 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting by Mimi Doe


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