Know God Cares For You

As I’ve mentioned, I’m reading the book 10 Principles to Spiritual Parenting. Each week for the next 10 weeks I will be blogging about each principle. My thoughts, actions and reactions and how Lila and I evolve in this voyage together will be among the topics.

This week is Principle 1: Know God Cares For You

As I talk about God I have not yet put a face or image to his name…yet. Right now I believe in him as a higher being that exists within us, in nature and in the power of the universe. Maybe he’ll remain just that or maybe he’ll be that along with a face, color or shape. Who knows where this journey will take us.

The only way I’ve introduced Lila to God is through an evening bedtime prayer. She is only 2 yrs old, LOL. But I still feel that whatever I talk to her about she is soaking up like a sponge. So now is as good as time as any to tell her about God and, as this chapter explains, that he is there for her.

“Children’s true identities are expressed when they are connected with their inner guidance – God within them. This is their spontaneous, creative, innate way of being.”
– 10 Principles of Spiritual Parenting

Each week, with each principle, I will try to add 2 daily affirmations. These positive self-talk messages are supposed to cultivate an ongoing awareness of the principle being studied. I will say them to myself and share them with Lila. Now, I may feel like a fool doing this, but I won’t know until I try. This weeks affirmations are:
1. God’s light fills me, flows through me, and touches everyone I see.
2. I nurture my child’s faith in God and in me.
They are on a piece of paper taped to my bathroom mirror. I will say them as I wash my face or brush my teeth in the morning. Then repeat them to Lila, hopefully when she first wakes up, before she starts her day of playing blue choo choo (Thomas the Train) or dance parties.


One thought on “Know God Cares For You

  1. TJ says:

    We are in a very similar position with Collin (2 1/2 year old), saying a prayer at night. It just feels right, at this point. Love the blog Julie!


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