Turning to God

How often do you catch yourself asking God for help? You know, those little thoughts that pop into your head before you even know it. Please let me get to work on time, please let the Cubs win a game, please have Lila sleep extra long today so I can get some work done or please help my grandma feel better. Maybe you’re not asking for help but thanking him. Thank you for our safe trip, thank you for my friends, family or pets, thank you for this great sale on shoes. Or there are those tough questions, how could you let him die?  How could you allow this to happen to him, her or me?

Whether or not we have a strong faith in God we tend to talk to him without really realizing it. We know he is there to ask, question or blame. Now imagine if we can nurture that. If we allow him to be part of us or within us. We won’t just stop at the questions or blames, but maybe take the time to listen or look for his answers. They may not always be immediate, or what we like, but eventually you’ll learn his answer.

This is what I want to grow and nurture within myself so I can then lead Lila in the direction of allowing him in and believing that he is there for her and cares for her.

“A connection with God gives children a sense of confidence and power in a life ruled by adults. In this world where most children don’t have a voice, we can guide them to the power of God’s availability and to the knowledge that God always hears them, no matter how small their world.” – 10 Principles to Spiritual Parenting

I take comfort in the idea of Lila believing that she can talk to God when she may feel like she can’t talk to her father or I. She will know she always has us to turn to but if she doesn’t want to, can’t or gosh forbid we aren’t available, then she has the comfort of knowing that she can talk to God. I also have a feeling that if she talks to God then she will be able to answer or figure things out for herself rather than always looking to others for help or answers. That can build her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Whether Lila decides that her God is a man sitting on a cloud or the feeling of a breeze across her face she will always have a feeling that someone or something bigger than her is there to care for her, guide her and protect her.


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