Challenge Update

So as previously posted, I have 10 challenges that I am working on through out 2011 to continue to lead a whole living lifestyle.

  1. Every time I have gone shopping I have brought my own reusable shopping bags. I actually find them easier load, carry and store.
  2. I’ve added more whole and organic foods to my every day diet and less processed food.
  3. I have found a few local farms that sell produce and meat. After reading the book, Eating Animals, I am more interested now than ever before in eating locally raised meat.
  4. I make sure that anything that can be recycled goes into the recycle basket.

One thought on “Challenge Update

  1. Carole says:

    Julie this is really awesome. I am enjoying reading along and find myself making the same lifestyle changes and questioning the same things. You are lovely and disciplined.


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