Principle 1 Activities

Principle 1: Know God Cares for You – 10 Principles to Spiritual Parenting

Each principle gives numerous choices of activities for both the parent and the child to incorporate into our daily life. The purpose of these exercises, for me,  is to help me tap into my inner self, gain insight, and give me a deeper awareness and understanding of my own spirituality; my own needs, hopes and goals as a parent.

The activities for the children are meant to enrich their imaginations, allow their creativity to be awakened and help them to remain connected to spirit.

The activity I chose for Lila is simple. I simply point out the little, but meaningful, signs of God in her life: the perfect snowflake, a bird, the wind, moon and stars. This one is easy for me because I find God in nature more than anywhere else.

The activity I chose for myself is to learn about our world’s religions. I found this exercise interesting for two reasons. One, it will help me along my spiritual journey to learn about other religions, what beliefs others have and how they celebrate them. Second, it’s the cause of most violence in this world. Everyone is out to show they’re religion is the right and only one. I’m just curious to see what all the fuss is about.

I will touch base every now and then about our progress on these activities. Each week with each new principle I will be introducing new activities.


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