Trust And Teach That All Life Is Connected And Has A Purpose

Principle 2 – Trust and Teach That All Life Is Connected and Has A Purpose – 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting by Mimi Doe

I love this chapter. It focuses on the natural world and on the connectedness and value of all living things. It helps us to learn, trust and teach that all life is connected and has a purpose not only amongst ourselves but also to others.

“Believing that all life has a purpose allows us to be open to new people and experiences-we see how well we fit together and how our lives touch.” (pg. 38)

“When children trust that all life has a purpose, they respect and appreciate themselves and the people around them. Kindness, empathy, compassion, and love grow from appreciation and respect, in turn create more of both.”(pg. 38-39)

This principle discusses how we are connected with nature and the natural cycles of life within nature. It also talks about how we are connected to our neighbors, community and people living on the other side of the world. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine outside our own little bubble we create around ourselves. With the busyness of our every day life, our schedules and responsibilities it’s hard to take a look outside our little world to see how we are affected by or how we are affecting others around us. This chapter helps us to look past ourselves and into nature and others and how we are all connected.

There are many different activities given that are ways to teach our children that all life is connected and has a purpose. I’m going to focus on the nature activities first.

“Let’s teach children to view nature as a source of strength and peace, instead of something scary. Kids feel connected and in control when they are comfortable in a natural setting. When they trust that all nature has its purpose they can release some of their fears.” (pg. 41)

Last summer was my first Summer in our house with a yard and gardens. There was nothing more exciting to me than to get gardening magazines in the mail and gardening books from the library so I can read up on what will become a new hobby of mine. Once I felt prepared to plant my first garden I was all ready to go and dig in. Those lovely Spring and Summer days working out in the sun, getting my hands dirty and creating something beautiful is what has me craving Spring time right now.

Lila was at the age where she would play along side me. Curious at first to what I was doing but then continuing on with her own little activity. Now I can see her being more active with wanting to help me or trying to help me.

I think with the season change approaching it will be a great time to show and teach Lila the cycle of Spring. Right now I can take her outside and show her all the leaves on the ground and how the trees are bare. How all of our plants are brown, dull and not flowering. Once the cycle of Spring starts I can show her week by week how plants are blooming, trees are budding and animals are coming out. Last year we had many birds nest in the bird houses we provide. We can provide food, water and nesting material for the birds and explain the process to her. We will also be planting our vegetable garden so she will be able to see how something can go from seed to a plant to a vegetable that we will be eating.

I am not sure how much she will grasp or fully understand. I do know that she loves to be outside. She loves to play in the dirt, to watch the animals and to help mama in the gardens. If anything, she will explore and connect with nature in her own little way.


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