My Soul was Lifted Yesterday

Not that my soul is heavy, but with what seems to be a long, cold winter it could definitely use some sunshine. Yesterday we had just that. The weather was warm (close to 70!) here in Cincinnati and the sun came out to greet us. The first chance we could Lila and I got outside and stayed out until the sun went down and it turned cold.

Watching Lila run around the yard yelling, throwing and kicking balls, playing on the swing set and digging in the rocks and dirt put the biggest smile on my face. She kept yelling “outside!” “outside!” while twirling and jumping. I see she is taking after me and finding her spirit outdoors. Wherever she went she had to run. The entire time outdoors she was running. I loved watching her. She will definitely keep me busy when it’s warm.


“Children’s true selves are often revealed when they are in the embrace of their Mother Earth. Sunlight, water, fresh air, rich soil, bird song are spiritual food. By putting his feet in a flowing stream, and listening to the whisper of the wind through the trees, a child can get lost in the sensory experience of sound, touch, movement, wonder. He is a part of the water, a part of the wind, a brother of the stream. He is in harmony with God.” -10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting (pg. 45)


While I was out there I was able to get a moment to listen to the trees blow in the breeze and the birds chirping, to smell the moist, warm air, and to feel the sun on my face. That little moment gave me energy and refreshed my soul.

“Nature restores our sense of peace and allows us to feel life touching us. The more-than-human world soothes and nourishes our spirits and sometimes frightens us with its power… The natural world is a magical, perpetual, ever-changing process that links us with the universe…Nature is God’s altar. It is one big church or temple, free, open and without dogma.” – 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting (pg. 46)


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