Whole Living and Spiritual Journey Update

I am finishing up month 2 of my whole living and spiritual journey. So far I’ve made several changes in my daily and family living and have honestly never felt better.

Personally I have prayed a bit more, read more about spiritual living as a person and parent, learned more about our environment, green living and sustainable living, appreciated the small things and have worked on my relationship with my girlfriends.

As a parent I have introduced Lila to God, prayed more with her, enjoyed nature with her, have been more patient, attentive and playful with her, attempted to look at the world through her eyes (not an easy task) and introduced new creative activities to her.

As a family we have researched, learned and have visited a local farm(s) that we can support by buying local produce and eggs. We have cut meat out of our diet entirely and are feeling the fabulous effects of doing so. We have enjoyed working outside around our house getting our garden ready to grow our own veggies. We have turned off the tv to read or have quiet time with each other and to play with Lila.

I don’t recall how much of this we did or didn’t do before my journey to make myself aware of it and adding it, but I can honestly say that I have never felt better physically and emotionally. I feel closer with my daughter and more in tune with my husband. I am enjoying the area where I live (Loveland, OH) and the resources its providing us.

I can’t wait to see how adding the little things into our daily lives with continue to improve our lifestyle. And it’s only the beginning…


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