Trust and Teach That All Life is Connected

The first part of the second principle, Trust and Teach that All Life is Connected ~ 10 Principles of Spiritual Parenting, talked about how we are all connected with the natural world and all living things. The second part I wanted to talk about discusses how we humans are all connected.

Playing our part as humans to help each other can be as small as a smile to as big as building a house for a family in need. However we choose to make a difference in someone’s life will not only benefit them, but ourselves as well.

Teaching this to a 2-year-old it not an easy task. I am teaching her that it’s the small things she does that makes a difference. When someone looks at Lila I ask her to say hello or to smile. I think I’ve done it so often that she does it automatically now. We were in a bookstore last week and an older man walked by her and she waved at him. One minute later an older woman walked in front of Lila and stopped. The woman looked down at her and smiled and to my surprise Lila hugged her. She had never done that before. The look on the woman’s face was priceless. The woman, Mrs. Winter, was so taken by Lila that she followed her to the kids section and watched her for a few minutes before going on her way. Once she left I told Lila she had made that woman’s day.

It’s the small things that I enjoy doing: smiling at a random person and watching their reaction, complimenting someone ahead of me in line at the store or helping someone who dropped something. I know it makes me feel good that I reached out. When people do those small things towards me it makes me feel like we are connected in some way and that people care.

“Remind your children they can make a difference each day. They can touch other people’s lives through simple efforts: a smile, a not, a shared laugh, a kind word, a whispered prayer for someone else.” – 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting by Mimi Doe

Another way we as a family want to make a difference in people’s lives is to volunteer in our community. This is actually a 2011 Challenge of mine. I want to find an organization that we can volunteer our time. Lila is still to small to do this and to understand it but once she is able to we will include her in our volunteering. One of our goals as parents is to take trips to volunteer in other cities and countries with our kids. This is definitely down the road a ways. Not only will it teach them the importance of helping others, it will also show them different cultures and lifestyles.

On our spiritual journey I want Lila to eventually understand that there is something larger than us at work. It doesn’t have to be only in nature, but in human interaction as well. The chain reaction of doing a good deed, small or large, can make a difference in numerous lives.

“When children reach out to others with kindness they open their own spiritual purpose as well as the purpose of the person to whom they have connected.” – 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting by Mimi Doe

In this chapter they give great examples on how to make a difference. Whether it is the small every day stuff or adopting a cause they give you a good starting point for you to start helping others.


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