Road Trip U.S.A – part. 2

I have recently shared my experience and photos of the first half my road trip from Chicago to San Francisco. Click to read post.

The second half of the trip did not disappoint. The scenery through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Cali was purely awe-inspiring. It was my first time in that part of our country and already I am trying to figure out how to get back.

After looking back, one of my favorite moments during this second half was on our way to Portland, Oregon. Though, at the time, it seemed more like a nuisance. We were on the Columbia River Hwy which follows the river that splits the Washington and Oregon border. It was around 9:00pm and the traffic came to a halt. We had pitch black forest on both sides of us with no street lights. After 5 minutes of sitting we started to see people get out of their cars, so of course, we did too. We saw some emergency vehicles so assumed there had been an accident. While waiting for the accident to clear and traffic to start moving everybody had gotten out of their car. One group of guys in a car close to us got out their guitars and started having an impromptu jam session. My friend and I sat on the middle median cement block. It was dark, the air was cool and smelled of fresh forest and it was eerily quite except for the people around us. At the time we were a bit annoyed that it was so late and still had some time of driving. Looking back now I wish we would have taken advantage of the situation. I wish we had taken a moment to stop and enjoy the space we were in, each other, and being somewhere random and beautiful.

Another favorite moment was when we were driving through hills and rugged landscape to come to an opening where we can see the ocean. We knew we were close because of the moist salty air. It was amazing to be able to get out, take our shoes off and walk down the beach and put our feet in the Pacific.

The 3 moments where I knew there was something or someone larger than me was Yellowstone, looking out at the ocean and seeing Redwood National Forest. 3 amazing wonders that had stirred something deep within me. I will never forget this trip. Not only did it bring me to do this blog and this journey, but I felt it woke me up in a way that made me want to become a better person to myself and family.


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