Lila’s Nature

A part of our spiritual and whole living journey is wanting to get more in-tuned with nature. I have to say, it seems like it has been more about re-connecting with my childhood. Not only because I’m looking at nature through the perspective of Lila’s eyes but also being reminded of the carefree days of being young. These are just a few activities in recent weeks we have shared with Lila and to get us all out with nature a little more.

There is nothing like an evening rain storm to bring a flood of memories back. The smell of the rain in the air, on the wet cement and in the dirt is refreshing and stimulating. We opened up the windows to listen to the heavy rain, the wind through the trees, and the leaves blowing down the street. Lila was able to name each sound WITH a little action move. I was very impressed and proud.

The next day it was still raining so I let Lila go outside to feel the rain. I have never seen that child mind what the weather is like. It can be snowing, pouring down rain, freezing or hot and humid. She wouldn’t care. She loves being outside. She was able to wear her new raincoat from her Nana so that excited her even more so.

Since last fall her papa has taken her outside at night before she goes to bed to say goodnight to the moon, stars and owls. Even if she can’t see them she still likes to tell them goodnight.

The first sign of spring has appeared in our yard over the last 2 weeks. We have tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths sprouting up through the wet, cold ground. I was able to take Lila out to show them to her and tell her they will soon be flowers. She, of course, pretended to smell them which makes her pretend to sneeze.

Lila was at one of her friend’s house last week and they went on a nature walk. They went to their local park to walk around and feel all the trees. They learned the kind of trees they were and was able to feel the different textures of the bark. Lila now loves to point out trees.

For myself, I went out and cut down all of our ornamental grasses and pulled out some dead flowers from last season. I also raked a few beds. Even though it was work it was still therapeutic to be outside breathing the fresh air, getting my hands dirty and watching Lila help me put the plants in the buckets. If I get a chance in the afternoon while Lila is napping I will try to go out back and sit on our steps that face out into our backyard. I’ll take a moment to breathe in the cool air, but also to imagine what are yard will look like in 3 months from now with flowers and green grass. Can’t wait!

In the upcoming weeks we will be getting our vegetable garden and flower beds ready to plant seeds. I can’t wait to see how Lila will do with this activity.

Spring Solstice is coming up on March 21st. This is a great time to plan an outdoor activity with your child(ren) and show them the meaning of Spring.


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