Observing Lent

Part of my spiritual journey is for me to figure out how I feel about Jesus Christ. I grew up Catholic and went to church every Sunday. We celebrated all of the holidays and its traditions. When I was little it was more about praying to Jesus than to God.

Recently I have been questioning my belief in religion, God and Jesus. I figured I better figure it out so I know which direction I want to teach my children. Hence my spiritual journey. I have so far come to two realizations about myself and my beliefs. One, Jesus is not my savior, but a cool guy who did great things (so is Buddha!). Two, God is not a white bearded man sitting on a cloud, but an over all presence in connection with the universe.

So with Lent, Easter and all the holidays in between coming up it has made me think of how we as a family want to observe and celebrate them. Hopefully we will start our own traditions moving forward that we can do with our girls.

While I was reading a book, Parenting with Spirit, something really connected with me when it talked about celebrating spirituality and Easter traditions. “Easter takes its name from Eostar or Ostara, the Germanic goddess of spring, who was worshiped at this time of year. Eggs are ancient symbols of birth and new beginnings, and rabbits are symbols of fertility for obvious reasons. Easter is a time when the earth is renewing itself, coming back to life after the apparent death of winter.” – Parenting with Spirit by Jane Bartlett

This passage said to me that during this season I, or we as a family, can focus on the renewal of spirit, the renewal of life and maybe that there is even life after death. Of course there will be Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny, but at least they have a new meaning to me and will have meaning to our family.

With that said, we decided that we would still like to honor the tradition of giving something up. My husband is giving up diet coke and I am giving up TV at night in bed. I usually watch an hour or more after he falls asleep. I will use this time to either read to go to sleep early myself. We also decided to add something that will renew our spirit and hopefully carry on after the season is over. We are both adding meditation and yoga to our daily routines.

I would still like to teach the girls the meaning behind Lent, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and the death and resurrection of Jesus (Good Friday and Easter).  I remember it was this time of year that we would do the Stations of the Cross as a class. I remember enjoying these stories as a little girl. I will teach these stories to my girls and allow them to make their own decision on how they want to believe in them.


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