Signs of Spring

Spring is less than a week away. Whoo hoo! While it still looks a little bleak outside the signs of spring are definitely starting to show. I know it’s only a matter of weeks before the tulips, daffodils, and tree buds start to pop in our yard. Our hyacinths are almost there. They are just waiting for a warm sunny day, which happens to be in the forecast for the next few days. We have a pair of Eastern Bluebirds that are checking out the bird houses in our back yard and eating all the mealworms we have out for them.

I think this weekend will be the first time to open all the windows to let in the fresh air while I clean. Such a great feeling after a long winter of the house being closed up.

Spring also means a lot of yard work and preparing for the garden season. Last weekend I sowed some veggie and herb seeds indoors. The next few weekends coming up I can plant a few seeds outdoors in our vegetable garden.

She’s looking a little bare at the moment, but in no time will she be full of yummy vegetables.

10 Signs that Spring has Sprung

1. No jackets.

Suddenly, as spring arrives, the streets are filled with color and interesting outfits — and you can actually see what everyone is wearing! Some people take the “oh my LORD I don’t have to wear a coat!!” a little too far, though. Watch for shivering.

2. Spring smells.

One of the first signs of summer is that freshly-cut grass smell. In spring, it’s flowers. They’re everywhere; florists are starting to stock outside displays, men and women are carrying them around and if you’re lucky enough to be near some nice landscaping, they’re starting to bloom on their own.

3. People walking slower.

There are two reasons that people walk slower in the spring. One is that they’re not freezing, obviously. The other is that due to the not freezing, people are actually enjoying being outside again. They’re literally smelling the roses. Spring is a time for strolling.

4. Birds.

You’ll notice that you hear more than just the usual morning chirping and singing. Birds start appearing everywhere in spring, and you may even catch a couple of randy ones chasing after each other. Brown-chicken-brown-cow!

5. You drop five pounds.

Sometimes, we don’t even notice it happening. We crave lighter foods when it’s warmer, so without even realizing it, you may have just gone on a diet of sorts. Not only that, but the good feelings of being outdoors will encourage you to exercise more. Five pounds may just fall right off you.

6. Your body feels better.

Not only might you feel a bit lighter, but because you’re not all tense from being cold, your muscles will be more relaxed all day, and then at the end of the day, too. Give yourself an extra flexibility and muscle relaxation boost by hitting a few yoga classes. Yoga feels great in the spring.

7. You get more done.

The days are getting longer, and more hours of light means more hours of motivation. It’s so easy to quit running errands when it gets dark out. Now, you can keep on with your day until 7 p.m. or so before the sun sets. Not only that, but the bright, warm light early in the morning gets you out of bed faster. This phenomenon is part of why we have “spring cleaning.” We suddenly have time!

8. You hear music.

The good feeling of sunshine on your shoulders may bring songs into your head — or it may be that your local musicians are out on the street playing again. After relying on your iPod for tune-age all winter, you can finally unplug and listen to the music of your environment.

9. Buds are budding, sprouts are sprouting …

Keep an eye on that dormant tree outside your office window. In fact, consider photographing it daily to make an album of its progress — it’s fun. Also, a walk through the park through budding trees and other plants will remind you that this is the season of new beginnings and bolster your spirits. Get out there!

10. Love is in the air.

Everyone is suddenly better looking, no? Their faces aren’t scrunched up from the cold, you can see what they’re wearing, they’ve lost five pounds, the SAD blues are receding, our circulation is on the rise and the sunshine has our bodies manufacturing vitamin D by the jazzies. Watch for the adorable PDAs as hands come our of pockets and lovers loll around having picnics and making lovey-dovey faces at each other.


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