Allow and Encourage Dreams, Wishes and Hopes

Principle 5 – 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting by Mimi Doe

There are many ways we can allow and encourage our children’s dreams. Here are only a few that are mentioned in 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting.

  • Encourage imagination – support and facilitate your child’s play through art, music, and role-play.
  • Don’t let go of your own dreams – just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean your dreams have to wither. That’s what you want your child to believe. “You have much more energy for your child’s purpose when you are living yours.”
  • Nighttime Dreams – by recording dreams you can begin to see some interesting patterns and often uncover hopes or ideas that life’s busy routines keep submerged.
  • Encourage team activities, sports, and interest groups.
  • Introduce your children to new ideas and role models.

“Children’s temperaments and talents are often apparent early on in their lives. The quiet child who loves to be with animals nourishes his soul from this union. The active girl who needs to climb, run, and swing from the bars at the playground is freeing her spirit by movement. These inclinations are peeks into the child’s approach to the world. By understanding and accepting our children’s preferred ways to embrace life, we can offer soulful activities and help uncover their talents.”  – 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting

Using their creativity and imagination are spiritual experiences for our children. When we encourage them to accomplish their hopes and dreams, whether it be through imagination, team groups, exposure to the activity itself, we are acting as a catalyst for their own creative expression and we nourish them with ideas and inspiration.

How do we add spiritual depth to supporting their dreams? These ideas came from the book Parenting with Spirit by Jane Bartlett.

  • Encourage your children to take a short moment of calm before they begin their creative pursuit. This could either be a simple breathing exercise or a little prayer. Talk to them about being mindful of what they are doing.
  • Have your children do a visualization technique (more to come on this topic) of their dreams. Use creative pursuits to ground thoughts and feeling experienced during this activity.
  • Enjoy the spirit of play.

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