Mother’s Day Reflection

My 3rd Mother’s Day has come and gone. I’ve always had this image that on Mother’s Day morning my husband and kid(s) will run in my room, wake me up to surprise me with breakfast in bed, balloons and presents. Then I remembered those are the images on TV (and my daughter is only 2, LOL). I’m actually one of those lucky moms that wakes up before my 2-year-old so I can have a moment before the day starts. This was no different yesterday. Tom and I got up and was able to have a moment with each other before the little monkey woke up, which to me is a great way to start my day.

Once she did wake up she came down the stairs and greeted me with a “Happy Birthday Mother’s Day!” and a big hug and that is how my Mother’s Day began. We didn’t have any big plans for the day. My ideal weekend day is hanging out in our backyard and enjoying each other and the hard work we put into our yard. So when asked what I wanted to do it was easy. “Let’s stay home and hang out.” Well, because the weather was a little gloomy and chilly we decided to go to a local park for a walk and a quick stop at the playground, of course. Finally, the sun came out and we were back home to enjoy the beautiful afternoon together.

Throughout the day I watched Lila. She is such an amazing kid. She is smart, funny, and caring like her papa. Strong, independent, and loving like her mama. She radiates happiness which is contagious when you’re around her.

Celebrating motherhood allows me to celebrate all those things I love about being a mom:
– I get to act like a kid again myself
– I always have an excuse for a dance party
– I get to look at the world through the eyes of my daughter
– I get to make her laugh hysterically and when she is done she looks at me and says “again mama”
– She gets to make me laugh hysterically
– Once in a while I will see a facial expression or an attitude that she gets from me which reminds me that a piece of me is in there
– And now I am always looking ahead in life excited for what is to come

When I was 16 my dad passed away. It was then my heart was broken. When I met Tom and married him my heart was healed. Having Lila has made my heart whole and complete. I can’t imagine how my heart will feel once her little sister arrives. Thank you Tom for making me a mom. Thank you Lila for reminding me every day how great life is as a mother.


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