Are You Interested in Sustainable Eating?

As talked about in previous posts I’ve recently (since January) have become a vegetarian. It wasn’t a difficult decision for my husband and I and we haven’t missed meat since that last chicken dinner we ate together. I’ve never meant to become a vegetarian and am not sure if it’s permanent. IF I do go back to eating meat, however, I now know that I will never eat from and support the factory farms that lead our nations meat industry. I am not against eating meat. I am against the factory farms. This is something I feel strongly about and only came to this by doing some research. I do not tend to, nor do I want to preach to people about their eating habits. Though I do think with enough resources, tools and education people will change their mind about factory farms and choose to help their local farmers or take the path of sustainable eating.

I’ve listed a few websites that have helped me learn more about factory farming and sustainable eating.

Click on the link Factory Farm Map to see if you live close to a factory farm and the impact it could have on you and your community.

To learn more about factory farms please click on Farm Sanctuary.

Are you interested in learning more about sustainable eating? Please click on Sustainable Table and Everyday Health for more information.

To learn about sustainable eating near you please visit Eat Well Guide to help.

A little knowledge goes a long way.


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