I’m Still Here

Hi there – I apologize for have gone missing for the last two months. June had been my month of last minute planning, arranging and preparation for my second little one to arrive. Her due date was July 1st, and she arrived on the 4th of July. In the midst of preparing for baby we had managed to squeeze in some summer fun and of course, house and yard projects. July has been a whirlwind of a month with house guest after house guest and, of course, adjusting to life with a newborn and 2 1/2 yr old. So far, so good.

I must admit that I had a vision of sitting out in the back yard with Ava while Lila ran around and did her own thing outside. Not so much. We are in our 15th straight day of 90 degree or hotter weather. We’ve been cooped up inside trying to figure out how to balance mama holding, feeding and rocking baby while playing fire woman or dinosaurs. It’s been quite the adjustment for big sister Lila. I have to say, she has been doing great. There had only been one day where she asked if I could put Ava back in my belly.

I am certainly glad that I started this spiritual journey before my second child. It has definitely helped me have more patience with both girls and have more awareness of my attitude towards them, especially when I am sleep deprived and in the same pj’s for the third day in a row. I still get tested though and I am eager to jump back where I left off with reading spiritual books, meditating and writing about it.

My journey in whole living has been going well also. My husband and I are going into our 7th month of being vegetarians. We have been more eco-conscious when it’s come to our home and the products we use, and we’ve been eating more organic and sustainable foods. The more we educate ourselves about these topics the easier it is for us to change our lifestyle.

Along the way I’ve also read some great articles and stories regarding whole living, and tried some new vegetarian dishes that I can’t wait to share with you.



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