A Little Mud Does the Soul Good

Between not being able to go outside with the baby and the hot weather Lila has not had a whole lot of outdoor time in the last few weeks. As mentioned in the previous post, my husband was outside over the weekend working on some house projects. After lathering Lila up in sunscreen off she went to join him. I was looking out our kitchen window that looks out over the back yard and I see Lila out at the back of the yard along our fence laying on the ground. I went out to see if she was okay and this is what I saw…

I asked what she was doing laying in the mud and she looked up and said “looking for rolly-pollies mom,” like I was silly for not knowing.

After a little while playing in the mud she moved on to the sandbox. She was quite a sight. She was wet from the sprinkler, muddy from laying in the dirt and sandy from the sandbox, and she couldn’t have been happier. She was so proud of how dirty she had gotten. Mental note, when your kid has cabin fever, send them out in the mud. It does a soul good.


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