Learning to Balance

No, it’s not a circus act although I sometimes feel like it is. I am only 5 weeks in with being a mom of two and I’ve already had a few ups and downs. Surprisingly they are not with the baby, but with my 2 1/2 year old. Lila has become more independent, stubborn, emotional and verbal on all accounts. She has also become more creative, playful, eager to learn and demanding that every minute be focused on these things. This is obviously hard for me because I’m busy rocking, nursing or diaper changing. I do give Lila her time, but it’s hard for me to tell her “in a minute,” or “later” because I’m holding Ava at that moment.

I’m sure all new moms of multiples struggle with balancing their time, energy and patience between all children. This is a new focus for me. For the last 2 1/2 years it’s been just Lila and I. She’s had all of me and now she is learning to share. I am also learning to share myself between the two.

Life has changed from trying to balance my career, social life and marriage to learning how to balance my marriage, homemaker duties, and the biggest challenge, my two girls. Meanwhile trying to gain back a little independence for myself and remember who I am in the midst of all this.

By working on myself within can only help me feel more balanced on the outside stuff. By honoring my own mind, body and spirit I can create a calm that will help me become a more nurturing mother to my two girls and a more caring partner to my husband.

I know I can do this. It’s just a itsy bitsy bump in the road that I just have to adjust to and get back on course. Tomorrow when I have a crying baby and a toddler demanding to play I will take a deep breath, remain calm and see what happens next.


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