Weekly Nature Assignment

I recently purchased the book, 365 Outdoor Activities by Maria Birmingham, at a thrift store for $.50. Great find! The idea of it is to have a nature activity to do every day. While I do know that realistically we may not be able to do an outdoor activity every day,  I can make the effort to do one weekly. Note: we do get outside more than once a week but to have an organized activity each time does seem a bit rambunctious, especially with a 6 week old in tow. Some activities that I suggest may be from the book, other resources, or from our own experience.

Today we went on nature hike that involved hunting for fossils, rock skipping lessons, finding Winnie the Pooh in a hole in a tree (not really), and peeing in nature for the first time (for Lila…and she was very proud). All in all, it was a successful nature hike.

So my suggested activity this week is to get outside for a little nature hike, whether it be at a park, in the deep dark forest (as Lila would say), or in your own back yard. The idea is to get outside and allow yourself and the little ones to breathe some fresh air and connect with nature. You never know what you’ll find.

This is the hole in the tree where she saw Winnie the Pooh eating hunny.

Looking for fossils.

Entering the “deep, dark forest.”

Skipping rocks…sort of.


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