Green Baby

Throughout this year on our whole living journey we have made several changes to our home, diet and way of thinking. We started this process of going green mainly for our kids, but after learning more and actually doing it we found that it is a way of life that we ought to live, not only for them, but for ourselves as well. And we like doing it.

Here are a few simple steps on how to go green for your baby (and for yourselves). Some of them I have implemented in our lives, some I am in the process of and the rest are things I would like to do. These are just a few suggested basic and easy steps to start with to have a green lifestyle.

What Goes in Our Mouth

Pick unprocessed foods

Go Organic: 10 Reasons to Eat Organic

  1. Supportive of growing children’s brains and bodies
  2. Higher in nutrients
  3. Avoids additives
  4. Avoids pesticides
  5. No genetic modification
  6. Animal welfare is taken more seriously
  7. No added drugs, such as hormones, in animals which is then found in our meat, eggs and milk
  8. It’s better for wildlife and the environment
  9. Higher standards for the way it’s produced
  10. Supports small farms

  Around Our House

                                          Avoid phthalates

                                   Use toxin-free cleaners

                                          Lose the BPA

                           Clean air (inside the house)


On Their Bodies (and ours)

Avoid these chemicals in products such as bubble bath, lotions, diaper creams, shampoo & conditioners, powder

Cloth diapers

Biodegradable wipes



Safe Mama

Organic Baby


Seventh Generation

Gorgeously Green

Eco Life

Eat Well Guide

Sustainable Table


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