My 2 yr old is Teaching Me About Being Spiritual

On this new path I am on, I am discovering how I want to be spiritual. So far I have realized that I do not need an organized religion to feel spiritual. I have discovered that I do believe in a higher power and to me, that higher power is God and the universe working together. I have also learned there are places where I see them working together to make me feel connected to the earth and connected in the moment. Now I need to work on how to feel connected within. I am a happy person and I am happy within my life. That does not mean I always feel a sense of calm or peace within.

I started out on this journey thinking I would find spirituality and then teach it to my daughters. I did not realize that they would help teach me instead.

One place I find spirituality or feel spiritual is in nature. I have always loved nature and being outdoors. I don’t remember how often I would actually take it in though. Because Lila loves to be outdoors my time spent there is different than if I would do it for myself. Being in nature with Lila makes me look at it through her eyes. While taking a walk I’m not just looking ahead to see where I’m going. I’m looking at the bugs in the grass, the birds in the trees, and the clouds in the sky. I’m not just listening to the thoughts in my head, but I now hear to the birds chirp, the breeze rustle leaves in the trees, the insects talking to each other and other people around us. She is automatically connected with nature in this way. She is curious about it and loves to explore it. Because of this, she connects me with nature in a way I haven’t been since I was a kid. And now I use nature as a way to clear all those thoughts and voices that are telling me what I need to be doing. I go outside and clear my mind and take in the sights and sounds of what the earth has provided for us. I see how God and the universe has worked together to make this happen.

Another place I feel more spiritual is more of a silly one. It is during those times when I allow myself to be in the moment. Lila loves to run in circles. I’m not sure why, but at least once a day we are running in circles. When she requests this I usually try to come up with an excuse not to, or I roll my eyes and do it just to get it over with. But those times that I allow myself to enjoy running in circles I open myself up to the happiness of that moment. I hear her squeals of laughter which then makes me laugh. I throw in some funny moves or noises which then makes her do it too, and again, we both end up laughing. When all is said and done we lay on the floor out of breath and laughing. In those moments I forget that I need to clean the kitchen, that I need to get the car fixed and the other “to-dos” on my list. I am out of breath, laughing, and connected in that moment of happiness.

“Our children’s spiritual natures are reflected by their unbounded creativity, vivid imagination, and joyful, open-ended approach to life…Children are beautiful, open spirits housed in human form.”
– Mimi Doe, Busy But Balanced

So next time you’re with your little ones allow yourself to be in the moment and look through their eyes. You may feel more connected and happy with out even knowing it, which to me, is feeling your inner spirit.

If you don’t have little ones then just allow yourself to be in the moment. Breathe in your surroundings, listen to nature, clear your mind and you may find yourself connected to something higher than yourself.




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