Humane Mouse Trap a Success!

I know this is silly but I’m going to compare using a humane mousetrap to becoming a vegetarian. One reason we became a vegetarian is because we don’t like the way cattle/chickens are raised and slaughtered to eventually become a slab of meat on our plate. Yes, I realize that is being a little dramatic, but true. So when we realized there was a mouse in the house (after he scurried by my feet while washing dishes) we had to ask ourselves how do we want to “take care” of it. The thought of killing it and disposing it didn’t quite sit well with us.

I became friendly towards mice after coming face to face with a few this spring in our shed. They would run by me at eye level along the wall and I even found one in a planting pot. He just sat there looking up at me waiting to see what I was going to do. It was then I realized that these little creatures are pretty darn cute. Btw, I took him around to the back of the shed and let him go, where I’m sure he ran right back under and in the shed. Oh well, he wasn’t in my planting pot and that’s all I cared about.

I think it’s the idea of these little fuzzy creatures just running amok in our house that gives us the shivers. I half expect to open the pantry door and the little guy sitting there helping himself to my Newman-O’s (like oreos, but organic). As I slowly open the pantry door and peak in to see if he is I realize I’m being ridiculous. This little mouse is just as nervous to see me as I am to see him. But alas, he is not there and my Newman-O’s go unscathed.

So when it came to decided how we want to handle the little guy we knew we couldn’t set a death trap and just toss him away. I knew I didn’t want to poison him to death so we researched humane ways to catch him. During our visit to an eco-friendly store, Park + Vine, on Sunday we found exactly what we were looking for, Smart Mouse Trap. We set it up Sunday night. All day yesterday (Monday) I was checking this trap out to see if we caught him. Again, I would walk slowly in the laundry room and peak around the corner, as if this mouse was going to leap at my head and attack if I wasn’t on guard. To my disappointment he wasn’t caught on my watch. I wanted to catch him to show Lila and then have Lila go with me to release him back outside by the shed with the rest of his family.

It was this morning that my husband checked the trap and found him in there. He took him out back and released him, unharmed, and most importantly, out of our house. Our mission was a success! Catch and release in a safe and humane manner.

This is not our mouse. It is the mousetrap we used to get him though. Worked great.


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