A New Adventure in Going Green…Cloth Diapers!

As of today we are now using cloth diapers! This is a big step for me. I figured that the girls (2 yrs and 2 mos) and I are home most of the time and I go through diapers like crazy for my 2 month old that I might as well try cloth diapers. It will save us money and save the environment a bit too. They say it adds more laundry to do but if you have 2 kids you know you are already doing more laundry, so this wasn’t an issue for me. Lila still wears a diaper at night so this will definitely help with the money costs of buying diapers for her just for nighttime.

Stay tuned… it is only day 1 of this new adventure in going green!

7 thoughts on “A New Adventure in Going Green…Cloth Diapers!

  1. Julie says:

    Congratulations on deciding to use cloth diapers! They are so easy and it’s nice to not put out a full garbage bin of just diapers on garbage day. bumGenius is one of my favourite diapers — almost three years later they are still going strong. Once you get the hang of it, I recommend trying cloth wipes. You just toss them in with your diapers to wash!


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