Balancing Act

As I’m learning to balance a new daily routine that involves my 2 month old I sometimes forget stop and take a breath. To take a breath to  regain my composure after Lila spills something I had already told her to not have on the couch. To take a breath when she tells me “no” when I ask something of her. To take a breath when Ava is still crying after being fed, rocked and changed. And definitely to take a breath when I realize that the house is a disaster and Tom will be home in 20 minutes.

I recently read this little balancing tip that made me stop, and take a breath.

“Remember that even within the chaotic times there is a spiritual balance waiting to be found. We often just forget to look. Look today. Beneath the mounds of dirty clothing, unopened bills, and dishes in the sink, you might find the guardian spirit of your home. See the brilliant soul beneath your four-year old’s red tantruming face. Recognize the presence that fills you, guides you, and never deserts you beneath your rattled state of mind.”
– Mimi Doe, Busy But Balanced

I found that when I do stop to take that breath I realize that the spill can easily be wiped up, it’s not a big deal for Lila to say no (sometimes), Ava just wants to be cuddled and Tom will not think I’m a bad wife if I don’t have the house clean. When I stop to take that breath I feel whatever tension has built up in me just melt away. Now I just have to remember to stop and breathe.

Lila openly and outwardly expresses how she is feeling. Little does she know I am sometimes inwardly feeling those same emotions.


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