Why We Should Meditate

I love the message this article is saying about meditation. Now if only I can get myself to do it on a regular basis. My husband does it every morning to start his day. He says it throws his whole day off if he doesn’t do it.

The Why of Meditation
M N Kundu
, Hindustan Times
September 15, 2011

Be good and do good for a decent living. But for a much better living with a vision, mission and ultimate fulfillment, one must practise meditation daily. Meditation enables one to delve deeper within one’s true self and it widens the expanding horizon of  consciousness. If one wants to live life with proactive fulfilment and constant ecstasy, then one must practice meditation. Once one learns the basics of meditation, it becomes easy and the more we meditate the more we would like to meditate.

The process involves awareness, affirmation, prayer, relaxation, visualisation and intuitive atonement with the core of cosmos within and outside our own self. We need to prepare our own process sheet for better adherence to the same. Let us sit down with spine erect, chest out, abdomen in and chin parallel to the ground to develop the essentials.

Awareness is the key. It is the beginning, middle and end of meditation. It can be developed by paying keen attention to the incoming and outgoing breath without any regulation or control. Observe how it is entering the whole body from crown to the toe filling them up with vitality and taking the fatigue away with outgoing breath.

In this process, we can observe our motionless body from outside, the blood circulation, heart beats and gradually expand awareness from body to mind and pure consciousness.

Affirmation and prayer help us release our hidden potentialities. When we affirm more and more in a perfect state of relaxation, we enter the requisite state. The condition can be intensified with the requisite prayer to the Almighty for help, which if sincere never fails.

Affirmation and prayer can do miracles, with egoless surrender.

Conscious relaxation of body and mind with breathing must be practised till it becomes spontaneous. Visualisation paves the way for realisation.

Visualising the entire cosmos within our microcosmic body and the whole universe within our own mind expands consciousness. We experience gross matter dissolving into cosmic vibration of Om and energy or prana stills within cosmic consciousness in divine ecstasy.


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