Summer in Pictures

Well, it’s official. It’s Autumn. It is my favorite season for many reasons, but I’ll admit, I’m going to miss summer. This summer was separated by one big event, the birth of Ava. Before Ava we were doing yard work and getting everything ready for her arrival. After Ava we were adjusting to our life with two little ones while trying to do yard and house chores, as well as throwing in some summer fun. Unfortunately with the weather as hot as it was and Ava being, well, a newborn, we didn’t get out as much as we would have liked. So I welcome the cool weather of Autumn and all the fun activities it will bring us.

So, goodbye summer. Thank you for all of your sunshine you brought us.

Some of Lila’s favorite summer activities included…

Helping papa with yard work.

Learning how to play baseball.

Running in the sprinkler.

Playing in the dirt.

Painting (and other various artwork) outside.

Puddle walking. Or in this case, puddle sitting.

Nature exploring.

And of course, welcoming her baby sister.


2 thoughts on “Summer in Pictures

  1. jen says:

    congratulations!!!! such a blessing. my baby girl was born this summer too. there’s so much i’d like to write but i am one hand typing while holding her. loving your blog.


    • jrotz says:

      Thank you Jen. Congratulations to you too! It’s definitely a challenge keeping up with daily life and a blog with a toddler and an infant. I wouldn’t trade the world for my 2 girls though. I’m sure you feel the same about your little ones. Thanks for reading my blog. Love yours too!


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