It’s Fall! Go Play in the Leaves

This Weeks Nature Activity

I’m sure by now there are many signs around you telling you that summer is over and fall as arrived. Whether it’s the changing leaves, the crisp air or the sight of pumpkins everywhere it’s all sure to get you in the mood for fun fall activities, yummy warming recipes and cozy nights wrapped in a blanket.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. I’m definitely a sweater and jeans type of gal. I love the color of fall, the cool air and warm sun on your face, and the smell burning wood, apple cider and hay rides!

I feel as though Fall is one of the shortest seasons to enjoy. It seems that as quick as the leaves turn the beautiful shades of red, orange and gold they turn brown and fall to the ground. There is only a few weeks time to enjoy them.

So for this weeks nature activity I encourage you to go play in the leaves. Walk through them and hear them crunch, make a pile to jump in, or throw some in the air and have a rain shower. Whatever it may be…go play in the leaves!


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