The Annual Autumn Photo Op

For the last couple years I have made seasonal cards of Lila to send to family and friends. Her first year she was in a pumpkin costume and I posed her on a bale of hay along with other pumpkins and some mums. Very cute, fast and easy.

Ridiculous right?!

Last year she was in a pile of leaves while leaves were falling down on her. She thought this was great and laughed the entire time we threw leaves at her.








This year I was determined to get a great photo of her and Ava for our annual card. I thought what better place than the pumpkin patch. So on our last warm day of the season I loaded the girls up and head to the patch. How difficult could this be? Lila can be bribed to smile with a bag of gummy bunnies and she could hold Ava. Easy peasy. RIGHT!

“Lila look at mama and say cheeeeeese!.”

“Okay, a little less cheese and a little more smile.”

“I see the tractor honey, can you look at the camera now?”

“Ok. Good enough.”

Happy Halloween!


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