Jack O’Lantern Fun

This past month Lila has been very much into Halloween. She loves ghosts, witches and her favorite cartoon friends dressed up in costumes. She loves all things spooky and creepy. Her words, not mine. With the countdown to Halloween underway we started the celebrations yesterday by going to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkin. (no pictures taken this time) Today was Lila’s first experience with carving the pumpkin she picked out with her papa.

Meet Mr. Pumpkin

This is Lila excited to dive into Mr. Pumpkin

This is papa diving into Mr. Pumpkin.

Now it’s Lila’s turn.

Lila experiences the goopy cold pumpkin goo for the first time.

Now for the face…

Lila’s reaction once Mr. Pumpkin’s new face was revealed.
(yes, that is my 1980′s My Little Pony)

Mr. Pumpkin turned Mr. Jack O’ Lantern.

Lila’s new “spooky,” “creepy” pumpkin.


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