Another Right Step in the Green Direction

I am someone who LOVES to burn candles. Each season and holiday has to have its own scent. Nothing says fall like the smell of an apple cider or a pumpkin candle. At Christmas time the cranberry or pine smell fills up the house. And come spring a lilac scented candle is filling the air.

Did you know that about 40% of the candles on the market today contain lead inside their wicks? Most of them are the scented candles that I love so dearly. Read more about how candles are harmful to the quality of air in your home and ways you can change that AND still have your house smelling like Christmas or a summer afternoon.

So today I burned my last unhealthy candle. Goodbye brand name candle that made my living room smell like apples and fall leaves. My goal is to have a few homemade soy or 100% beeswax candles by Thanksgiving. Add a little essential oils to them and voila, I have my own, healthy scented candle. I won’t have to worry about paraffin, lead or other toxins filling my home.

I can just reuse some jars I have been saving up that had no purpose until now. I already have a great collection of essential oils that I can try out. One that I will be running out to get asap is pine. You can’t have winter and Christmas without the smell of pine filling up your home.

Who knows, maybe these will make great holiday gifts. I can also personalize the scents to specific family and friends.

There are also other options besides using candles. Something I’ve always done along with candles is use diffusers for essentials oils. I have also made my own room spray. I just add a few drops of the essential of choice to some water in a small dark spray bottle. I use lavender in the bedroom and spray our sheets after they are washed. I have used the citrus oils for our family rooms, especially in the warmer months. It gives it a nice clean smell and also an energy boost.

I will keep you posted with how this venture goes and smells!





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