My Spiritual Being Still in the Works

A little over a year ago my husband and I had a conversation regarding religion. We talked about what we believed in, what we were brought to believe in and how we want to go forward with our family. It was one of those conversations that left us asking more questions and seeking more answers than actually having a laid out plan of what we will teach and practice as a family. That was the beginning of my spiritual journey and what inspired this blog. And to be honest, I am only a teeny, tiny baby step closer than when I started.

I have always known that I believe in a higher power. That power, being God or the universe, is what allows me to see the bigger picture and appreciate it. In this past year I have found that my spiritual being in stronger when I am out in nature (see post Planting Seeds Along the Way). I feel at home and at ease when I’m outside.

I have also made being a mindful mother part of my spiritual journey. I know my girls get so much more out of me when I am fully present with them rather than when I am preoccupied checking emails, talking on the phone or browsing blogs on my iPad. I just didn’t realize how much more I would get out of my days when I am fully aware and mindful of my time with them. We have so much more fun. We laugh a lot more. We are silly. We play and learn different games or art projects because I am taking the time to do it. These days are also the days I feel exhausted at the end of the day, but happy and content. It’s a different feeling than the days when I can say I was able to check a few items of my to-do list. Those days I feel productive and glad I was able to get some things done, but there is something missing at the end of those days. It’s that feeling of pure happiness and love. Trust me, I wish all days could be that way, but life just isn’t set up for that. While I do have those full days every once in a while I do to make sure that every day we have those moments where I fully give myself to them.

I still have a long way to go on my spiritual path. There are many aspects of it I want to explore and improve. For my mind I want to mediate on a regular basis. For my body I want to practice yoga daily. My goal is to improve my connection with my inner self and the outer world outside of my day-to-day living. These things take time, patience and practice…lots and lots of practice.


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