Seasonal Reflection

This Weeks Nature Activity

Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Go by yourself, with a friend, a pet or a little one. Go out on a walk and make notes on how the season is changing…again. Contemplate on how we are at the end of another year and another growing season.

The leaves may have turned from red, yellow or orange to a now dull brown color. Most leaves have probably fallen from the trees. Listen to how they crunch beneath your feet or blow in the wind. The grass that was once green and lush may be fading and dull. Smell the cold, musty dirt. Smell the scent of burning wood in nearby fireplaces. What animals do you see or maybe don’t see anymore? Feel the cool, crisp air on your face and breathe it in. Embrace the early darkness. Explore its beauty.

Take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the new season upon us.


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