Today I am Thankful

17th – for an early morning dance party with the girls. Yep, only awake 45 min and already partying. That’s how we roll. LOL.
16th – for Lila’s 3 hour nap.
15th – for falling asleep to a thunderstorm last night.
14th – that my husband was able to come home early to be with the girls while I was sick.
13th – for our family meal, even if it was ordered pizza eaten picnic style in the living room in front of a football game.
12th – for hearing the laughter of my two girls.
11th – for the veterans! Thank you to all who have served.
10th – for time spent with a wonderful friend.
9th – for my beautiful friends at my MOPS group.
8th – for the sunshine and the few minutes to do yard work.
7th – that Lila was excited to go to school and cooperated with me while getting ready.
6th – for the pancake breakfast with my family.
5th – for the beautiful sunny afternoon with my family.
4th – for the roof over my head.
3rd – for my health.
2nd – for my beautiful girls.
1st – for my husband.

What are you thankful for today? What’s the best thing that has happened to you today? Whether it be large or small, be grateful.

Gratitude is heaven itself.
~ William Blake


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