10 Ways to Show Gratitude as a Family

Every day as I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for I’ll also ask Lila. Now she’s only two so I don’t expect too much. I try to explain what it means to be grateful, but not sure how much she actually understands. Her answers always seem to be the things that are right in front of her, like Maia (our dog) or The Wonder Pets, which happened to be on tv at that moment. She’ll eventually get it. I just asked Ava what she was thankful for and she gave me a look and continued to chew on her toy. Now she’s only four months so that is a good enough response for me. Doesn’t hurt to start early 🙂

We are one week away from Thanksgiving.
Here are ten ways to show gratitude as a family.

  1. Thank your partner for everyday thoughtfulness – in front of your kids.
  2. Change gears and rethink what might otherwise be a complaint. Help your children practice giving thanks rather than complaining.
  3. Begin family dinners by thanking someone at the table for a special kindness they have shown you.
  4. Start your children on the wonderful habit of looking the person they are thanking right in the eye.
  5. Frequently remind your kids how grateful you are that they were born.
  6. Thank-you notes never go out of style. Even the youngest child can draw a picture or dictate a note. Thank-you notes don’t have to be just for gifts.
  7. Begin the magical tradition of a “thank-you fairy,” who leaves little goodies and notes for jobs well done.
  8. Go the extra mile to thank the people in your life – from the dry-cleaning lady to the guy who bags your groceries. Your kids are watching.
  9. Be thankful for your friends and let them know how you feel. Ask your kids to come up with specific ways to appreciate and acknowledge their friends.
  10. Thank God right out loud when you are moved to do so. “Thank you God for this glorious morning.”

Busy But Balanced by Mimi Doe


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