Ways to Green Up Your Holiday Season part 2

With our adventure in going green this year I’m challenging myself to bring that into our holiday season as well. I’ve started researching ways to  “green my holiday” and thought I’d share links and resources that I have found helpful with information or good ideas. Please feel free to share how you plan to green your holiday season.

Here is part 2 of a few tips along with links and resources on how to minimize, simplify, save and go green this holiday season.

Holiday Decorating

  • Buy energy-saving holiday lights.
    LED Christmas Lights
  • Make your own decorations
    11 Natural Holiday Decorating Tips
  • Have a decorations swap to get gently used new ones for your home.
  • Support local tree farms and get your Christmas tree from them. Make sure it was grown without pesticides. Plastic trees are made with PVC.
  • Recycle your Christmas tree.

Other resources

Eco-friendly Christmas

Organized Christmas


One thought on “Ways to Green Up Your Holiday Season part 2

  1. earthstonestation says:

    Way to go! Also add to your list to resist purchasing purchasing purchasing all those paper and plastic disposable decorations that overflow off shelves and are only $1.99. The cost to the planet is much more than that.


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