Ways to Green Up Your Holiday Season part 3

This is our first Christmas as vegetarians. I think I will make our Christmas dinner. This is huge because Tom is the cook in our family. With it being just the four of us and no meat to cook how can I go wrong, right?!?! Well, I’ll keep you posted. I’m starting now to look for recipes that deserve to be our first vegetarian holiday meal. Our local farm sent out an email with recipes using their produce that’s available. I think I’ll start there. So to “green” up our holiday meal I am using local food, being sustainable and supporting the small farmer. Not bad for the first one, eh?

With our adventure in going green this year I’m challenging myself to bring that into our holiday season as well. I’ve started researching ways to  “green my holiday” and thought I’d share links and resources that I have found helpful with information or good ideas. Please feel free to share how you plan to green your holiday season.

Here is part 3 of just a few tips along with links and resources on how to minimize, simplify, save and go green this holiday season.

Holiday Meal Planning

Add organic or local grown foods to your holiday menu and cocktail list.
Eat Well Guide
Organic Cocktail Recipes
Sustainable Eats

Here are the ingredients I have to work with for our holiday dinner – Turner Farms.

Other resources

Eco-friendly Christmas

Organized Christmas


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