Good Day/Bad Day

Wednesday’s Top Ten
from a mom’s point-of-view

  1. I started my day playing castle with Lila. The Linney was queen, Tuck was king and Ming Ming was princess (all the Wonder Pets). Pirate Mickey stopped by for lunch. They had corn and grapes.
  2. Went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby with both girls. Bad idea.
  3. The cart was almost too small to hold Ava’s car seat and definitely to fit the car seat, the diaper bag, our coats, what we were buying AND Lila. But she insisted and somehow Supermom came out and I made it work. Let’s just say you couldn’t tell Lila was in there.
  4. Michaels aisles were NOT made for carts, let alone carts with baby car seats and toddlers.
  5. I did not find one thing on my list that I went to get between both stores. However, I did find some cute decorations for Lila’s birthday party in January…all reusable!
  6. I hung our Christmas lights outside. The fresh air did wonders after my not-so-wonderful shopping trip. Lila put on 2 different hats and mismatching gloves, pjs, and rain boots and sat out to watch.
  7. I received a package. A HUGE bag of meal worms for our lovely bluebirds. I put some out and they were here instantly. Love it. Tip: ordering in bulk online is way more cost-effective than buying a little bag from the local bird store.
  8. Ava was in the best mood I had seen her in. She was smiley, giggly, cuddly and so adorable. I couldn’t stop kissing those squishy cheeks.
  9. Lila and I butted heads. She was put in quiet time for the first time. She didn’t understand it. I told her she had to sit on the steps quietly until she calmed down and that she wasn’t listening to what I was saying. She told me she didn’t have to.
  10. I put myself in a time out to calm down.

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