O Christmas Tree

Christmas Traditions, Christmas Trees and Christmas Pj’s!

Every Christmas since Tom and I have been together (that would be 6 of them) we have always had a real tree. I loved it when we lived in Chicago. We would walk to the nearest tree lot, pick our tree, and both of us carry or drag, maybe a little of both, the tree home. We would then decorate it, while listening to Christmas music, noshing and drinking a delicious red wine, and fighting the dogs for the ornaments. Our first year here in Cincinnati we did not get a tree because we were traveling. Last year we drove to the nearest lot with Lila and picked out the perfect tree. We then came home, turned on Christmas music and decorated the tree with Lila helping (sort of). Until this year we always had a tree that was tall, perfectly triangular and had no holes. It would be draped in white lights with red and silver ornaments. We started adding non red and silver ornaments when Lila was born when we had to get the traditional My First Christmas ornament and also when she would see the singing Elmo ornament in the store that would look “just perfect on the tree mommy!”

This year our new traditions started. With the edition of Ava to our family and Lila really being old enough to understand and enjoy a tradition we set out to make one. New tradition number one: Christmas tree, Christmas pj’s and Christmas ornament – all in one.

Tom and Lila went to our local Christmas tree farm. They skimmed rows and rows for the perfect tree. Lila had spotted a few that were, well, not so great, so Tom tried to steer her towards a few that were in better shape.

Finally she picked one and Tom agreed. It wasn’t perfect but it was branchless either.

Tom chopped it down and they brought it home.

Lila jumped out of the truck dancing that they found the tree.

I really wanted them to have matching Christmas pajamas to wear Christmas morning but didn’t want to wait until then to give it to them. So we decided every year when we decorate the tree the girls can open their first present – holiday pajamas. Then they can open their second present – their yearly traditional ornament. The idea is that we would all wear our pjs (Tom and I would not be matching…sorry.), listen to Christmas music and decorate the tree. There will probably be hot cocoa involved and hopefully a little vino.

So unfortunately I couldn’t find matching pjs for the girls both they both received their new Christmas pjs to wear during the decorating festivities.And Ava poses by her first ornament, of course!

While Lila did enjoy decorating the tree I think she enjoyed taking everything out of the boxes and playing with them more. Maybe next year it won’t be so much Tom and I hanging the ornaments but all of us.

She was finally satisfied when it was time to add the tree topper, our big red star!

Our Christmas tree went from being a perfect stylish white, red and silver tree to now a not-so-perfect, multicolored, miscellaneous Christmas tree. We call it our family tree.


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