Goodbye and Thank You 2011

Over all I would have to say this year has been an excellent year for us. We did, after all, welcome our newest addition to the family… Ms. Ava Rose. I feel comfortable saying goodbye to this year and very ready to start 2012.

In 2011 I made the resolution to explore my spirituality side and lead a healthier lifestyle for myself and family. By no means are these resolutions over. They will continue for the rest of my life, but at least this year I did get the ball rolling. I didn’t explore spirituality as much as I would have liked (goal for 2012…more focus on it), but I do feel like we’ve made great changes in our lifestyle.

  • We have stopped eating meat and cut back on dairy products
  • We eat more organic and local produce
  • We now use eco-friendly/organic cleaning and toiletry products (store-bought or we make our own)
  • We use reusable grocery bags
  • We buy second-hand when possible
  • We recycle
  • We use cloth diapers or eco-friendly ones (love Nature Babycare products)
  • We joined our local Nature Center to have another outlet to enjoy nature
  • Mindful parenting

These changes, will of course, be ongoing. In addition to these I would like to add a few for 2012.

  • Make our home more energy sufficient
  • Have a more successful summer/fall garden to eat from
  • Simplify our living by – organizing and getting rid of any unused items in our house, put ourselves on a more strict budget, etc…
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Explore spirituality as a family
  • Start more family traditions around the seasons, holidays and for no good reason at all

So long 2011. Thank you for being good to us. Bring it 2012.

Our 2011

January – Lila turned 2 and I turned 30 something. We share the same birthday.

February – We welcomed a new pet into our family. Lila named the fish Happy.

March -We welcomed Spring with some flower planting.

April – Lila met the Easter Bunny.

May – We had our photo shoot pre-Ava.

June – We finished Lila’s “big girl” room and started the nursery.

July – We welcomed Ava Rose on July 4th!

August – Lila introduced her favorite place, the Nature Center, to her baby sister.

September – We had a blessing for both the girls at our family cabin.

October – Both girls enjoyed their Halloween…our little pirate and ladybug!

November – Both girls wore matching sweaters for Thanksgiving.

December – Ava enjoyed meeting Santa for the first time. Lila did not enjoy seeing Santa for the third time.


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