Explore a Creek

We are lucky to have a fabulous Nature Center here in Cincinnati. Yesterday we went to see their new Nature Playscape, an area dedicated for children to be able to explore nature. Lila had so much fun crawling through logs, climbing on rocks, smelling different flowers, playing in the log forts and walking in the creek.

Lila and I were playing in the creek when she hopped up on a flat rock, took the stance of a surfer on his board, and said “Look mom, I’m surfing. Here comes a big wave!” I have no idea what prompted her to do that, but whatever it was I was thrilled to see her imagination shine through.

While walking through the creek with her papa they spotted animal paw prints along the side. She had fun naming animals who she thought they belonged to. I think they settled on them being raccoon prints.

We also spotted a juvenile cardinal and a gold finch taking a dip in the water. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Lila activity if she didn’t sit in the water in the creek.


Lila and her papa found some animal paw prints in the creek. She was so excited. She put her hand print next to the animals.

So this week explore a creek. You never know what kind of impromptu activity might come from it.


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